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Great Migration and Cultural

10 Days of Wildlife and cultural encounters through Tanzania’s famous parks of Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro crater to the Hadzabe Bushmen at Lake Eyasi and Lake Natron.

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Departure / return location

Place of your choice in Arusha, Tanzania

Departure time

A prompt departure at 8:30 AM

Return time

Approximately 4:00 to 6:30 PM

Safari type / style

Private tour
Lodge & Tented Camp


Comfortable clothing

Not included



Day 1

Kilimanjaro International Airport

Arrival to Tanzania – The Adventure Begins

Your Tanzanian adventure commences as you touch down at Kilimanjaro International Airport, your gateway to the wonders of this East African gem. The anticipation of the journey fills the air as you disembark and breathe in the African breeze.

Warm Welcome: As you step off the plane, you’ll receive a warm Tanzanian welcome. The airport staff’s friendly smiles and genuine hospitality set the tone for your visit.

Visa and Immigration: After a seamless visa and immigration process, you officially enter Tanzania, ready to embark on your exploration.

Transfer to Accommodation: Your dedicated guide and driver, holding a sign with your name, will be waiting to escort you to your accommodation. The drive offers a glimpse of Tanzania’s landscapes, from lush greenery to bustling local markets.

Lodging Check-In: Arriving at your chosen accommodation, whether a cozy lodge or a comfortable hotel, you’ll have a moment to freshen up and settle in. Take this time to unwind, perhaps savoring a traditional Tanzanian meal.

Our selection includes: 
Mid-range: Planet Lodge 
Luxury: KiliVilla
High End: Arusha Coffee Lodge


Tarangire National Park

Elephants of Tarangire National Park

A typical day visiting Tarangire National Park is a journey into the heart of the African wilderness. Your day begins with the rising sun as you set out on an early morning game drive. The cool, crisp air carries the promise of wildlife encounters. As the sun’s golden rays illuminate the savannah, you’ll spot herds of elephants, giraffes, and zebras grazing while big cats like lions and leopards may be on the prowl.

As the sun climbs, you’ll return to your camp or lodge for a leisurely lunch and a siesta to escape the heat. In the late afternoon, embark on another thrilling game drive, watching the wildlife become more active as the day cools. Your day concludes with a stunning African sunset, painting the sky with vibrant hues as you head back to your accommodation, reflecting on the incredible moments of your Tarangire safari.

Our selection includes: 
Mid-range: Baobab Tented Camp  
Luxury: Kuro Treetop Lodge 
High End: Lemala Mpingo Ridge Lodge


Lake Eyasi

Hadzabe & Datoga Bushmen Experience

Visiting the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes at Lake Eyasi is a captivating cultural immersion. With the Hadzabe, you’ll witness the ancient ways of hunter-gatherers, partaking in their hunting techniques and foraging for food. The Datoga, skilled blacksmiths and herders, offer insights into their metalworking craftsmanship and pastoral lifestyle. Both encounters are a unique opportunity to connect with these indigenous communities, learn about their traditions, and share in their daily activities. It’s a chance to bridge cultural gaps, gaining a deeper understanding of the diverse and resilient people that call Tanzania’s Lake Eyasi region home. These interactions add a meaningful layer to your Tanzanian adventure, creating lasting memories of human connection and cultural exchange.

Our selection includes: 
Mid-range: Karatu Tented Lodge 
Luxury: Kitela Lodge
High End: Gibbs Farm


Ngorongoro Crater


Lions and Rhinos of Crater Floor

The crater spreads for 102 sq. miles and has 2.000 ft high walls, making it virtually a Noah’s ark and inhabiting almost every species of wildlife that is indigenous to East Africa. It’s one of the very rare locations in the whole continent where you can witness the black Rhino. The concentration of African wildlife if the greatest in the continent. The crater has a river, several swamps, a soda lake with a great concentration of flamingos, a forest and open plains. It’s also famous for its elephants which are the largest in the world and have huge tusks.  

Our selection includes: 
Mid-range: Ang’ata Camp
Luxury:  Lion’s Paws Lodge  
High End: Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

DAY 5 & 6

Serengeti National Park - Big Cats exploration

Endless Plains of Serengeti

Two nights in Central Serengeti offer an immersive safari experience filled with anticipation and discovery. Guests wake to the roars of lions echoing across the plains, setting the stage for thrilling game drives. The heart of the Serengeti reveals its secrets as you track the Great Migration, witness predators in action, and observe elephants and rhinos in their natural habitat. Seronera River’s banks host abundant wildlife, from hippos to crocodiles. In the evening, under a star-studded sky, you’ll share stories around a campfire, cherishing the unforgettable moments of this iconic safari destination before drifting off to the sounds of the African night.

Our selection includes: 
Mid-range: Mawe Tented Camp  
Luxury: Siringit Camp
High End: Lemala Nanyukie

DAY 7 &8

Great Migration Safari


Great Migration Safari Experience

A Serengeti safari following the Great Migration is a remarkable adventure, offering two unique experiences. From July to November, guests witness the dramatic river crossings at the Mara River, as wildebeests and zebras brave crocodile-infested waters. Two nights in this period promise front-row seats to this breathtaking spectacle and close encounters with predators drawn to the action. From December to March, the tour takes you to the lush plains of Ndutu, where the herds give birth to their young. The circle of life unfolds before your eyes with adorable baby animals and fierce predators. Both experiences are a testament to nature’s grandeur.
Our selection includes: – Mara River  June to Nov
Mid-range: Gnu Migration Camp  
Luxury: Siringit Camp
High End: Lemala Kuria Hills
Our selection includes: – Ndutu Dec to March
Mid-range: Gnu Migration Camp  
Luxury: Lake Masek
High End: &Beyond Under Canvas


Serengeti National Park - Africa Amini

Last Day of Exploring Serengeti – Africa Amini Experience
The final day of your Serengeti safari is a bittersweet farewell to this wild paradise. You embark on a morning game drive, savoring every moment with the animals and the stunning landscapes. After a hearty brunch, it’s time to pack your memories and head to the airstrip. As your small plane soars above the savannah, you take one last look at the vast Serengeti, where countless adventures unfold. It’s a journey etched in your heart, leaving you with a profound connection to this remarkable wilderness. 
After arrival at Arusha airport, you will be transferred to Africa Amini Maasai lodge for relax and cultural excursion with the Maasais.
Our selection includes:
Mid-range: Africa Amini Lodge

DAY 10

Maasai Cultural Experience at Africa Amini

Africa Amini Maasai Experience
Visiting Africa Amini offers an immersive and authentic Tanzanian experience. This cultural center, nestled near Arusha, allows travelers to connect with local Maasai and Meru communities. Engage in traditional activities like spear throwing, beading, and drumming, gaining insights into their rich cultures. Explore the Maasai boma (village), taste authentic cuisine, and partake in storytelling sessions around the campfire. The center’s commitment to sustainable tourism supports these communities and preserves their heritage.
Africa Amini is not just a destination; it’s a meaningful cultural exchange that deepens your understanding of Tanzania’s diverse traditions and leaves a lasting impact. After morning activities, you will be transferred to the airport for your onward journey.