Emau Forest Camp***

Amani nature reserve Emau Forest camp borders Amani Nature Reserve in the East Usambara mountains, Eastern Tanzania. The camp is known locally as Emau Hill which is the name of the hill on which the camp stands. Emau Hill’s lush green grounds are on the border of the pristine rainforest of the Amani Nature Reserve and offer excellent views of the forest.

All around the camp birds, frogs and chameleons can be found in abundance, and those with an interest need not even leave the comfort of their bandas or the bar area to spot some wonderful wildlife. The surrounding area is home to a wide variety of bird species, some of which are endemic to Amani ( for example the Amani Sunbird and Amani Tailorbird), and the peculiar and beautiful endemic chameleons and tree frogs. Hiking is the most popular activity here, as the forest offers many trails through beautiful untouched habitat. Our friendly staff at the camp will be happy to provide information about hikes and trails on request.

The camp offers simple but comfortable accommodation in a remote and untouched corner of Tanzania. With a friendly staff drawn from the local community, a tasty and filling range of cuisine, a well stocked bar and well equipped bandas and tents, Amani Forest Camp provides everything you need to enjoy the rainforest in comfort!