Pick up from Jomo Kenyatta Nairobi Airport

You will be met at Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for a ride to the town hotel, where you spend your first night in the heart of Nairobi city.

Our Choices Includes;

Luxury: Ole Sereni

Luxury: Fairmont

High-End: The Manor Nairobi

Morning Scenic Flight to Maasai Mara

Nairobi to Maasai Mara Game Reserves

After breakfast from your hotel in Nairobi, transfer to Wilson Airport for a flight to Maasai Mara. Your safari starts the moment you land in Maasai Mara.
Depart to Maasai Mara after morning exploration, depending on the location of your safari lodge.

Thereafter, you will drive to Maasai Mara, where you will arrive at Sunset for the night.

You will spend the next 2  nights at Maasai Mara Game Reserves

Our Choice includes;

Mid-Luxury: Kilima Camp

Luxury: Mara West Camp

High-End: Angama Mara

Maasai Mara to Serengeti National Park

Explore Serengeti in Two Days

Day 4 :Safari En Route to Serengeti
Your journey continues to the world-renowned Serengeti National Park. Known for its vast plains and the Great Migration, Serengeti offers unrivaled wildlife encounters. You’ll enjoy game drives in search of the park’s resident predators and grazers. Spend the night in a lodge within the Serengeti.

Day 5: Serengeti National Park
A full day in the Serengeti allows for in-depth exploration. Witness the dynamic ecosystem and experience the thrill of tracking wildlife on the endless savannah. Another night in your Serengeti camp awaits.

Our Choices Includes;

Mawe Tented Camp

Lemala Nanyukie

Siringit Camp

The Black Rhinos of Ngorongoro Crater

Rhinos of Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater
Prepare for a thrilling day at the Ngorongoro Crater, often called the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” This unique ecosystem is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts incredible wildlife diversity, including the Big Five. You’ll descend into the crater for a full day of game viewing, followed by an overnight stay at Tarangire.

Our selection includes: 
Mid-range; Baobab Tented Camp
Luxury: Kuro Treetops Lodge
High End; Lemala Mpingo Ridge

Elephants and the Baobab Trees of Tarangire

A day spent in Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania unfolds as a thrilling encounter with nature and wildlife in one of the country’s most diverse and picturesque landscapes.

Morning: Game Drive and Elephant Sightings
– The day typically starts at dawn when the wildlife is most active. As you venture out on a morning game drive, the park’s landscape, dotted with ancient baobab trees and acacia woodlands, creates a stunning backdrop.
– Tarangire is renowned for its large elephant population. Early mornings often provide the best opportunities to see these majestic creatures as herds gather at the Tarangire River or meander through the grasslands.
– Besides elephants, you may spot giraffes, waterbucks, and various bird species, including the colorful lilac-breasted roller and the large ground hornbill.

Midday: Picnic and Relaxation
– As the day heats up, you might stop for a picnic lunch at one of the park’s designated areas, often with views overlooking the river or a landscape teeming with wildlife.
– This time is also perfect for rest, perhaps at a lodge or a shaded spot in the park, as animals retreat from the midday sun.

Afternoon: Further Exploration and Predator Sightings
– As the afternoon cools, another game drive takes you through different parts of the park. This is an excellent time to spot predators like lions, cheetahs, and leopards, which become more active as the day cools.
– The park’s diverse habitats, including swamps and savannah, support a rich variety of wildlife. You might see herds of buffalo, wildebeest, zebras, and smaller animals like mongooses, dik-diks, and warthogs.

Evening: Sunset and Reflection
– As the sun sets, the skies often turn into brilliant shades of orange and red, providing a perfect backdrop for reflection on the day’s experiences.
– Evening game drives or time spent at a campsite or lodge offer a chance to listen to the sounds of the African bush, a peaceful yet thrilling conclusion to a day in Tarangire.

A day in Tarangire National Park is a journey through a landscape filled with natural beauty and abundant wildlife, offering a serene yet exciting safari experience.

Our Choices;

Mid-Luxury: Baobab Tented Camp
Luxury: Kuro Treetops Lodge
High-End: Mpingo Ridge

End of the Tour

Your final day at Tarangire National Park, famous for its massive baobab trees and elephant herds. Enjoy game drives amidst a stunning landscape of rolling hills and riverbeds. Your safari culminates with a return to Arusha, marking the end of an incredible journey.

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