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300 trees planted in one day!




At Kilidove Tours, we believe in a sustainable lifestyle, business approach, and impactful business operations in Africa. We cannot think of how not to do and be better by ensuring our daily business operations leave behind a great legacy that future generations will inherit.

“One generation plants the tree and another gets the shade” Chinese proverb

Over the past years, many places in Africa have seen massive deforestation due to the high demand for agriculture, grazing land, and household needs of charcoal manufacturing.

We believe that, by planting trees, we will not only have direct benefits from the trees like green shades, fruits, or rain but also join the hand of the rest of the world in restoring nature to the world.

Recently our team of staff, under their run organized DOVE Foundation organization, joined a significant movement in Arusha aimed at planting trees. The group planted more than 300 trees in a single day. What an incredible impact will that have on the city of Arusha?