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Yes, it is! the safety of Kilidove’s clients is our topmost priority. We would never recommend a place that we have not visited before.

Local wildlife is of no risk when following the local wildlife laws and cautions communicated by rangers and guides. Please ensure you follow the advice and rules of national parks, private reserves, and our professional guides – they are the experts who are there to keep you safe.

In some places, the tap water is safe to drink. In others, the remoteness of safari lodges and tented camps may impact water quality. Always check with the lodge or tented camp whether water is potable (and potable for non-locals). However, our car has a full tank of potable water always available for drinking and refilling the reusable bottles we provide.

If your safari goes from Tanzania to Kenya you will need a Yellow Fever Certificate to enter into Kenya. A hepatitis A vaccination is recommended for all travelers to Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. A typhoid vaccination is recommended for travelers who are planning to visit areas with poor sanitation. A rabies vaccination is recommended for travelers who are planning to spend time outdoors, especially in rural areas. It is also important to take malaria prevention measures when traveling to Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. 

When you are planning a trip to East Africa, it is important to see a travel health specialist to discuss your vaccination needs.

For more information follow the links below to the country you will be visiting:





This is one of the most important things and must be planned in advance of your trip. So do we:

PASSPORT: You have to check the expiration date because it must have a minimum validity of 6 months.

VISA: The easiest way to get it is at your arrival at the airport and pay it by cash.  If you visit sveral countries you’ll need more than one visa. You can get them at the border between the two countries.

Another way is to take it from your country of origin and, if so, will have to contact the Embassy of Kenya and/or Tanzania to inform you how to manage it.

INTERNATIONAL VACCINE CERTIFICATE: The necessary vaccinations are noted in the International Vaccine Certificate, which you have to take with you.

A good idea is to have copies of the documentation. So you can keep the original in one place, and some copies in your luggage.

Included in every itinerary, we stipulate and organize all pick-ups and transfers for each stage of your journey.  we pre-arrange all transfers.

Gratuities in the Tanzanian tourism industry generally follow the North American system.

Tourists are expected to tip their safari staff and staff at most restaurants and hotels. The

following information provides a guide to tipping in while on safari. The information is a

collection of tipping recommendations from guidebooks as well as our company’s

experience with tipping in Tanzania.

Please remember that all Kilidove staff are paid, and no one relies on tips as a substitute for

wages. As with any tipping situation, if you enjoy your experience, give a generous tip; if you

do not enjoy your experience, adjust the tip accordingly.

Safari Tipping Guidelines:

  • Driver/Guide: US $10 – US $25 per day per guide. Please note that the tip is per guide per day, not per traveler per day.
  • Tips are expected at high-end luxury hotels and lodges. While tips are also expected at

moderately priced

  • Safari lodges, not all patrons tip. Tips are not expected at restaurants and hotels frequented

by locals. Most tourist lodges and hotels will have tip boxes at the reception desk. You can

tip hotel staff individually, place a tip for all hotel staff in the tip box, or do both. Tips can be

made in local currency, USD, Euros, or Sterling.

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