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Photographic Safari to Tanzania?

A Guide to Photographic Safari to Tanzania

photographic safari to Tanzania is much more than taking a couple of shots with your phone while on a game drive. On a photographic safari, everything is geared around the wants and needs of the photographer, whether a seasoned professional or a talented amateur. This means specially adapted private vehicles, guides who understand how to position the car for the best light and view, and being unhampered by having to consider other guests.

From the smallest creatures crawling around on the ground to the indescribable feeling of watching a pride of lions silently move past your vehicle at dusk or the graceful beauty of a leopard ascending a tree trunk. The detail of a leopard’s whiskers or the backlighting of a lion’s mane can help you fall in love with nature while capturing these moments.


A Traditional Safari

A traditional safari is an educational experience and a holiday. During the trip, you’ll learn about the functions of a particular ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Your professional guide will share their knowledge through innovative applications. This will allow you to feel, smell, and truly indulge in Africa. Our guide welcomes and connects you to their home.

As well as being educational, a traditional safari is also a revitalizing and spiritual experience. It is one of the few vacations where you can completely relax and enjoy while taking a thorough ‘life pause.’

Whether it’s the soft melody of a singing bird, a whistling breeze through rustling leaves, the distant roar of a lion, or even as simple as limited access to Wi-Fi, there is something unique about an African safari. This experience connects you with inner peace and tranquillity like few other places on earth can.

A Photographic Safari to Tanzania

However, a photographic safari to Tanzania is not merely a holiday or vacation. It could also become a fusion of a traditional safari but more as an investment.

The primary focus of this kind of safari is the photographic aspect. The goal is to learn new techniques and creative styles, take home a set of images you are proud of, or provide the best opportunity to capture these breathtaking images for professional photographers.

Photo safaris are also commonly focused not only on particular species (such as leopards on our Serengeti Photo Safari) but also on getting the most out of the available sightings.

For instance, on a traditional safari, guests may spend several minutes observing a sleeping lion; on a photo safari, the guides will determine if the sighting is worth investing time in. And if it is, they will wait as long as possible for a photographic opportunity.

Otherwise, if it is unlikely to produce something spectacular, the guides will move on to something more photogenic. Time is crucial on photo safaris and must be spent wisely.

Why do we recommend photograph safaris?

  • You can take your time getting the images you want without pressure from the rest of the group.
  • Specially adapted vehicles.
  • Specialist guides are patient and willing to wait at a sighting until you have your shot.
  • Private reserves allow you more flexibility in timing to get the best sunrise and sunset light.

At Kilidove Tours and Safaris, our experienced and passionate guides will guide you, skilled in finding wildlife, positioning the vehicle, and assisting with the camera settings to ensure you can capture the perfect moment, creating memories to last a lifetime. We provide you with all the ingredients for a prosperous African photo safari.

We understand that wildlife photographers may wish to dedicate every aspect of their stay to the pursuit of capturing incredible imagery. To that end, we have created a range of offerings to serve our guest’s passion for wildlife photography.

Kilidove offers you the best photographic safari opportunities in Tanzania and Kenya. Embark with us on the journey of a lifetime.