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10 things to do with the family on safari

Here are our 10 best things to do with the family on safari.

Let’s check out the 10 best things to do with the family on safari.

Are you dreaming of bringing your loved little ones on a safari? Check out our best 10 things to do with family while on safari in Tanzania.

Our guides love to have them on board. Here are our best activities to do for families traveling with little kids

  1. Day Trip to Tuleeni Orphanage and Daycare

    A visit to Tuleeni Orphanage home in Moshi. You can plan your trip well in advance and have these little but rewarding moments at the orphanage on Moshi’s outskirts on Mount Kilimanjaro’s slopes. The orphanage is home to more than 200 kids up to 17 years of age. Kids can learn a lot from each other by playing different games, learning about one another’s culture, and immersing themselves in the African lifestyle and culture.

  2. A visit to Kikuletwa Hotspring

    This natural hot spring pool is a paradisiac oasis amidst Tanzania Savannah, which offers captivating, Bounty-styled views, crystal clear waters, beautiful corals, and dense vegetation around.

  3. A visit to Maasai Boma.

    While on safari, you will pass through many Maasai villages along the road traditionally known as Maasai Bomas. Most of these thatched-styled houses are located near Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Karatu, and Ngorongoro. Stopping by is always appreciated by the Maasai families. Pack a few presents and let your kids enjoy the immersive culture the Maasais can offer.

  4. Canoe or Walk in Arusha National Park.

    After a long flight to Tanzania, the best way to introduce your kids to the Tanzanian safari experience may start by offering a handful of experiences, a walk or a canoe safari experience in Arusha National Park. Located just 45 minutes from Arusha town, the park rangers always accompany the group on a walk or a canoe, where you can get close to nature and experience all the park offers.

  5. Glamping experience on safari

    Most lodges during the safari are tented camps; bringing the little ones to this experience will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them. The camps offer a sleep-under-star experience, with animals passing close by to the camp; nothing beats the sound, the smell, and the expertise that tented camps provide.

  6. Cycle through banana plantations in Mto wa Mbu

    Start your morning with a cycle through the villages of Mto wa Mbu through the quiet, lush green banana plantations in Mto wa Mbu, close to Lake Manyara. You can stop along the way at a Maasai traditional painting shop to learn how to paint or join a Swahili cooking class to learn how to cook typical local Tanzanian dishes.

  7. Paint a Masterpiece of Maasai art.

    What a great souvenir to bring home after many safari experiences in Tanzania! At a local painting center, our local artists will show you how to make your Tanzanian art to take home. It’s an enjoyable activity for the whole family to enjoy.

  8. Explore the Streets of Stone Town on Foot.

    Stone Town is one of the oldest historic towns in East Africa, located on the main island of Zanzibar. The walk through the narrow streets of the stone town is enriching. You can walk with our experienced local guide, who will take you to this beautiful city’s highlights.

  9. Enjoy the Zanzibar perfect beachside.

    Zanzibar offers many sea activities, including sunbathing on beautiful pristine tropical beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, sunset dhow cruises, swimming with dolphins, and many other kid-friendly activities.

  10. Spot the Big Five on our list of 10 things to do with family on safari

    Close to the animals, National Geographic style. Tanzania National Parks offers great safari experiences for families. Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Arusha National Park give your family a great chance to see the big five while in the country. The tours are always accompanied by skilled, experienced safari guides/drivers.


Embarking on a family safari adventure offers the opportunity to connect with nature and each other. Explore vast landscapes, spot magnificent wildlife, and immerse in local cultures. Engage in thrilling game drives, capture awe-inspiring moments, and enjoy peaceful evenings under the stars. Safari fosters unforgettable family bonds and lifelong memories.