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Best beaches in Zanzibar

A Guide to Best Beaches in Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s spice island (or rather archipelago) is just off the coast of Tanzania. Zanzibar’s main and largest. It is blessed with some incredibly beautiful and pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean, which is relatively warm and ideal for swimming. The waves tend to be on the smaller side, a perfect size for floating around in the ocean.
It is essential to check tide levels before heading to the beach. The North End of Zanzibar has less tidal change than the south. This means that the beaches are better in this area. When the beaches of Zanzibar are at low tide, there is not as much water. Instead, there is more sand.

The popularity is growing rapidly due to Zanzibar being rated the best holiday destination in Africa.
There is so much culture and adventure located all over the island. Relaxing on a beach is one of the top activities to do here, so it is essential that you pick the best one!
Take advantage of the majestic Indian Ocean backdrop as you let your worries melt away.

What are the best beaches in Zanzibar?

Here is a complete list of the best beaches in Zanzibar that offer a true paradise enjoying crystal clear waters, white sands, and spectacular natural landscapes. And of all that Zanzibar has to offer, we highlight its best beaches in Zanzibar above the rest.

North Zanzibar


The most touristic area of Zanzibar is Nungwi Beach, in the north of the island. Very spacious and, as always, with crystal clear waters, it will be ideal to disconnect and stay in one of the many accommodations that it has around. Here you can have unforgettable moments resting in a hammock under the umbrella, drinking coconut water and listening to music, watching the sunset, or dining on fresh seafood with bare feet on the sand under the moonlight.
Nungwi Beach is the most famous beach on Zanzibar Island, and its town is filled with bars, restaurants, and activities.
Nungwi is excellent for all ages but attracts a crowd of younger travelers.
It is also the starting point from where you can perform various water activities, such as snorkeling on the island of Mnemba or scuba diving, among others.


Located in the northwest of the island, Kendwa is a true paradise of crystal clear water, ideal for enjoying a swim and contemplating the marine fauna while snorkeling, and also tanning in the sun on its fine white sand while breathing in the ocean breeze. Kendwa Beach is known for its stunning sunsets, too.

South Zanzibar


Located to the south of the island, we recommend other areas, especially if you want to do activities such as kitesurfing. A large algae production (algae farm) is exported to make cosmetics organized by a women’s NGO.
It is an excellent place to let the nightfall and watch the moon rise well. And with several places to party too.


From this southern beach, you can do the “Safari Blue” and the “Tour with the Dolphins.”


Located north of Paje, on a peninsula bordered by the Indian Ocean and Chwaka Bay, this small fisherman village of Michamvi is known for its remoteness—a unique and quiet place for visitors to check out and fully relax.
Here, you can do the snorkeling activity called “The Blue Lagoon,” where coral and colorful fish are the protagonists. Visit the spectacular mangrove exposed when the tide goes out and a perfect place to watch the sunset.


Another of the best beaches in Zanzibar in Tanzania is the Bwejuu beach, east of the island. It is tranquil since it is away from tourism and because it allows us to see the young people of the Maasai tribes playing, walking, or fishing. It is possibly the most authentic beach in Zanzibar.
Bwenjuu is a Seaweed fishing village, where you can watch fishermen returning from sailing their wooden dhow boats. Once returned, women and children both help scoop the seaweed. It is a cultural learning experience to watch when relaxing on the beach.

East Zanzibar

The longest beach in Zanzibar is the stunning Matemwe Beach. This gem is located on the eastern part of Unguja Island in Zanzibar. Their village is part of an education production providing residents with computer literacy programs. You can learn more about this project by talking with the villagers.


The beach Pongwe maintains the balance between tourism and tranquillity, being an excellent option to stay during your trip while enjoying a large beach with fine sand and calm water.

West Zanzibar


It is a small wild beach on the west coast of Zanzibar island, Tanzania. This beach is not typical for Zanzibar but instead looks like Seychelles. There are many trees and huge stones everywhere. Surprisingly, there are even some tiki huts to give you additional shade. Important! Unlike most other island’s beaches, there is no problem with low solid tides.